Tired of manual mileage expense claims?
Welcome to Intellidrive, where mileage-tracking is made hassle free!

We offer an automatic mileage logging and management solution that makes tracking journeys effortless.

We offer a free one-month trial for businesses to expierence how beneficial Intellidrive will be for you.

Intellidrive is simple, yet powerful. Easy to use, it's tailored to work for you. Just sit back, relax and drive!

There is no need to start or stop recording: Intellidrive intelligently manages the application. All you do is drive.
Intellidrive will be available to download through all App Stores towards the end of August 2017. Sign up below for updates and recieve a 10% discount on premium subscriptions!


Let Intellidrive Be Your Mileage Log Book

Accurate Tracking


The most precise accuracy for all journeys, eliminating 'guestimating'.

Automatic Tracking


No need to start and stop recording on each journey, Intellidrive does this for you. Just sit back, relax and drive!



Available at your fingertips, stored in the cloud.

Improved Productivity

Swipe Left or Right

Classify drives as personal or business with a few swipes.

Government Compliance

HMRC Ready

With Intellidrive, you are all ready for government inspections. We provide a clear and accurate record for HMRC.

Unlimited Devices

Unlimited Devices

Intellidrive is available on the web, on iOS and on Android.

Intellidrive for Business is accompanied by a powerful web app. With customisable reporting and automation, Intellidrive removes the hassle of processing expense claims.

Our centralised management dashboard allows you to monitor your employee’s journeys as well as viewing individual journeys, helping you identify top performing locations and routes to make potential savings. Mileage rates can be fixed per account, variable per driver or per vehicle for companies with large fleets.

We offer a host of add-on automation tools and custom integrations for third-party software.

Intellidrive for Business is available today for iOS and Android for in-house distribution! We offer a free one-month trial for businesses to experience how beneficial Intellidrive will be for you.


We also offer white-labeling for ad-hoc deployment. Contact us below for more information.

Intellidrive for Business
tracking journeys and processing expense claims are now stress-free.

Reduce Fraud

Prevent Mileage Abuse

By eliminating 'guestimations' and erroneous journeys.

Save Time

Employees Save Time

With no need to fill out paper claims or keep a written log, employee's can spend more time doing what they do best.

Free Resources

Free Up Staff

Staff will no longer need to process manual expense claims.



Intellidrive can use data provided by you to automatically process mileage expenses.

Easy To Get Started

Quick & Easy

Intellidrive is designed to allow you to get setup as quickly as possible to start saving time & money.



Intellidrive for Business doesn't require any software and can be accessed anywhere from any device.

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